Workshops at Miserden Unearth the Estate’s Woodland Heritage

  • 23 June 2022

Inspiring a Sense of Wellbeing

Nestled in 850 acres of woodland in the heart of the Cotswolds, Miserden introduces a programme of workshops inspired by traditional craftsmanship and the wealth of natural resources around the estate, encouraging visitors to reconnect with nature and the joys of learning a new skill. 

Launching this summer, workshops include, Wood Carving, Jewellery Making, Floristry, Table Scaping, Foraging & Cookery Classes, all taking place in the beautifully renovated glasshouse, The Peach House, and hosted by a skilled line-up of local experts. 

Programme highlights include:

18th June 2022: Jewellery Making with Stina Richardson of @Viola_Blu_Jewellery (10am – 1pm) 

Stina Richardson from Viola Blu leads a workshop on how to create a unique sterling silver necklace, guiding beginners through the process of creating jewellery using a rainbow assortment of pearls and semi-precious stone. 

£75pp, including all materials, garden entry and refreshments.

24th June / 16th September 2022: Forest Bathing with Rosie Mockford (1pm – 4pm)

Forest Bathing is the ultimate meditation experience in nature, boosting mental and physical heath by tuning into the senses, breath, and landscape. Led by health practitioner, Rosie Mockford, visitors are guided through the forest to a private woodland clearing where they will be encouraged to explore their surroundings on a deeper level. 

£55pp, Including refreshments. 


26th June / 28th August 2022: Green Woodwork Carving with Rosie Mockford (full day)

As a member of the Heritage Crafts Association and the Association of Pole Lathe Turners & Green Woodworkers, Rosie Mockford, brings her passion for teaching heritage skills and green woodworking to this workshop. Using green wood (recently cut) from the estate, Rosie reveals the techniques for carving a spoon and spatula, using nothing but hand tools. 

£150pp, including lunch at the cafe. 

9th July / 10th September 2022: Foraging and Cookery Classes with Cotswold Cookery School (9.30am – 3.30pm)

Expert forager Rob Gould uncovers the culinary delights hidden within the Miserden woodland, such as, Hogweed, Stinky Bob (Geranium Robertianum) and Nettles. The Cotswold Cookery school demonstrate their skills at turning the foraged goods into a feast. 

£125pp, including lunch. 

Floristry Workshops by Jo from Aqua Flowers 

6th July – Summer Vase Design Workshop (2pm – 4pm)

Working with wild and woodland flowers, Jo explains the best techniques for getting structure, form, and colour for the perfect summer vase of blooms. 

£75pp, including garden entry. 

27th July – Table Scaping with Flowers (2pm – 4pm) 

Mastering the art of creating a stunning floral table-scape, be it for an elegant dinner party, relaxed supper, or garden party. 

£75pp, including garden entry. 

Estate owner, Nicholas Wills, comments, “The Miserden estate has long been known for its handmade crafts connections. Since the 1600s, Carpenters, Blacksmiths and Stone Masons have all worked within the estate and village, so it is thrilling to bring back that heritage for making use of the surrounding woodland and giving crafts a place to thrive in a more contemporary setting.”

The workshops can be attended as a one off and can be enjoyed alone or with a group of friends or family. Visitors are encouraged to explore Miserden to the full and take a tour of the ancient walled Garden at Miserden, enjoy refreshments at The Glasshouse Cafe, explore The Potting Shed crafts shop and leave time for a stroll around the nature walk. 

For further details and bookings, visit: Miserden