Launches and Openings

Shangri-La Group opens a unique wellness oasis in the heart of Hong Kong: Yun Wellness at Island Shangri-La

  • 2 June 2023


Shangri-La Group is delighted to launch Yun Wellness, a luxurious, nature-inspired urban oasis located on L8 of the newly renovated Island Shangri-La, nestled in the heart of Hong Kong.

Island Shangri-La is the first hotel to launch this brand-new wellness concept – creating a blueprint for other Shangri-La properties around the globe to follow.

The word “” (Yun) comes from a famous 4th century Chinese poem – “Ascend Lonely Isle on the River’ (登江中孤嶼). In this poem, the narrator is inspired by the beauty of nature and realises that ‘to live well is to live long.’

In the same way, Yun Wellness seeks to revitalise both the body and mind by channelling the soothing power of nature and offering therapies and holistic wellness experiences infused with Shangri-La’s unique Asian hospitality for guests at every stage of their life.

Yun Wellness simultaneously addresses the physical, emotional and mental components to health, offering everything from body treatments through to pre- and postnatal care; on to physiotherapy, osteopathy, personal training and nutrition advice.

Kong Leong Chan, Regional CEO of Shangri-La Group, says: “Yun Wellness is inspired by Shangri-La Group’s history as a leading Asian heritage brand. Through this new wellness concept, we want to reflect the romance of Chinese poetry as well as the beauty of nature to create a space that supports guests’ journeys towards better holistic wellness, and helps them discover their own personal Shangri-La.”

Designed by acclaimed Spanish interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán, this urban oasis brings nature indoors, bathing the space in natural light including the community area, spa, 28.5m outdoor swimming pool, innovative gym kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment, and an elegant hair salon. The spa offers ten luxurious treatment rooms, including two that have been specifically designed for couples and two dedicated to health consultations and physiotherapy.

Holistic Wellness 

Yun Wellness’ central feature is their comprehensive selection of holistic wellness programmes, ranging from one-on-one training activities, bespoke spa therapies to pre- and post-natal-focused treatments all delivered by best-in-class experts. Guests can push their fitness to the limits with daily classes including movement and mindful practices alike, from high-energy HIIT to Resistance Training, Pilates Reformer classes, Aerial Yoga, Singing Bowls and Meditation.

Therapies on offer include a variety of massages, body treatments, and facials as well as programmes, specifically tailored to the needs of both men and women, that deliver a therapeutic benefit.


Available for the first time in Asia, Switzerland’s acclaimed Dr. Burgener Medi-spa line is partnering with Yun Wellness to offer a range of facials for both men and women.  Using high-performance active ingredients such as peptides, amino acids and hyaluronic acids, as well as the best of Switzerland’s natural resources, Dr. Burgener’s products encourage cell regeneration, collagen production and the reduction of wrinkles, spots and pigmentation. Signature facial treatments include Dr. Burgener’s Lifting and Firming Collagen Facial and Dr. Burgener’s Million Dollar Men’s Facial. 

Massage and Body Treatments  

Signature massage treatments include Chakra Balancing Massage using seven unique oil blends to target the seven Chakras, energy centres, of the body ensuring that energy flows smoothly through each of them, helping to restore balance to body and mind. The Regenerating Body Treatment takes an innovative approach towards total body regeneration, using state-of-the-art technology, dry brushing, body masks, radio frequency (RF) and ultrasonic vibration to deliver “a facial for your body.”

Mother and Family 

A particular focus at Yun Wellness is mothers-to-be and postpartum mothers, creating a space that brings them together in a supportive community during this very important time in their lives. One of the signature treatments includes the Postpartum Belly Binding Package – a patented treatment designed in collaboration with Restoring Mums, this treatment uses traditional Asian techniques and herbs to facilitate body rehabilitation, recovery of bodily functions and alleviate post-partum stress and hasten the recovery process for new mums, while adding in the bonus of figure restoration too.

State-of the-art Equipment 

Island Shangri-La is the only hotel in Hong Kong to offer a far-infrared sauna, which is highly effective at removing toxins, improving circulation and relaxing the muscles. A number of anti-aging treatments also include the use of the FDA-approved EXILIS ULTRA 360 machine (the only hotel in Hong Kong with this machine) that combines radiofrequency heating and ultrasound to stimulate collagen formation, resulting in better and higher efficacy rejuvenating and tightening results for both the face and body.

Wellness Director Dr. Tal Friedman ND reveals what sets Yun Wellness apart: “Our new oasis in the heart of Hong Kong offers all-round well-being at every stage of life. From busy residents looking for movement classes to postpartum mothers seeking a supportive community, our wellness practitioners and welcoming space will guide you on the path to becoming a healthier and more vibrant you.”

For more information, please contact our Wellness Concierge via e-mail at or call (852) 2820 8583.