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  • 27 September 2021

ARTIQ Drives a Return to City Centres with Arts and Cultural Programming

27 September 2021 – ARTIQ, the artist agency with purpose at its heart, reports a 500% rise in inquiries as corporates and businesses look towards arts and cultural programming in a bid to draw staff back the office. In a positive boost to the creative and artist industries, ARTIQ is overseeing a range of projects in every corner of the UK including Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Oxford and London, as city centres continue to recover from the pandemic.

“There has been a reawakening amongst businesses of the important role arts and culture play in enhancing our city spaces. People now understand and remember that being surrounded by creativity can help improve our mental wellbeing; providing environments for people to thrive and be inspired. It’s also extremely rewarding for the artists who after a difficult two years have the opportunity to showcase their work and critically get paid.” Comments Patrick McCrae, CEO, ARTIQ.

Projects underway include an artist in residency programme with property investor and developer Dorrington at The Laszlo in London’s Archway district. British artist, Laura Benetton was selected by ARTIQ for the unique residency programme during which time she will inhabit a free studio space and generate live art and creative experiences. ARTIQ has installed over thousands of pieces of art in offices, public spaces and hotels since the start of the year.

Founded by in 2009, ARTIQ was established to bridge the gap between and art and business and to create a sustainable arts economy. The artist agency works with hundreds of artists and creatives across the world and with clients that include multi-national banks, cutting edge technology firms as well as hospitality groups and universities. The business broke new boundaries when it launched demonstrating that there is a market where artists are fairly rewarded for their work and corporations and businesses realised the value in hosting exhibits that reflect their values and supports the local economy.

The young team is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and is passionate about making the arts a more equitable and inclusive industry. Over half of the artists represented by ARTIQ have a diverse background and the agency runs a paid internship programme plus school-age work experience schemes to encourage candidates from low income into the industry. In the last two years, ARTIQ has undertaken almost 700 projects in 16 countries and has paid almost US$6million to artists, creatives and makers.

In 2021, ARTIQ celebrates 12 years in business and has just completed a recruitment drive adding 8 new team members in the past few weeks.